Leaky Gut Protocol

Disclaimer: The medical information contained in this document is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic purposes. We advise everyone to consult with a diagnosis professional before making any decisions concerning their health. To book a diagnosis session with Kevin please visit the contact page.

Knowing how important a cure for Leaky gut and Gluten intollerance would be for this planet, Kevin has now released this protocol information for free. Kevin has dedicated his life to healing and has put much effort info creating these protocols. Please donate below in exchange for the information used. Any amount is accepted, but the standard sale price of the protocol is $30 CAD. Reposting of this material on other websites is only permitted with the permission of Kevin.

What is the Leaky Gut Protocol?

The leaky gut protocol is designed to heal the leaky gut within 6 weeks. Some severe cases will require 8 weeks. During this time, there are many things you can do to assist in the healing process. They are:
• Learn to allow your stomach to control your swallowing. You can practice this by holding water in your mouth, move the water around and allow it to mix with the saliva in the mouth. Now put your awareness on your stomach. When the stomach is happy with the amount of saliva mixed into the water, it will contract the muscles of the throat causing you to swallow.
• Chew your food until it is a paste and fully mixed with saliva, especially when eating grains. Listen to the stomach and swallow only when the food is chewed enough.
• Do not eat at the computer, tv or even while reading. This takes the attention off of listening to the stomach.
• Eat items marked with a green checkmark.

• Follow the food guide provided in the PDF below.
Avoid items with a red X, unless you use the modification suggested in green.
Items with a green checkmark will speed the healing time.
Items with no marking are neutral.

•If taking statin medication, they may prevent the leaky gut from healing.

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Other Resources

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