Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clientele do you typically have living in your home?

We specialize in allowing multiple levels of care to age in place with us.
Enhanced Living Oromocto cares for Level 2, Level 3G, and Level 4 residential.
Enhanced Living Gagetown is primarily a memory care facility.(3B)

Will I have to share a room?

We have both shared and private accommodations. If a family wishes to request a single room, please make this known to administration when requesting information.

Do you provide transportation to medical appointments? What is the cost?

It is the family's responsibility to transport residents to and from any medical appointments; however, if they are unable to transport the resident in their vehicle due to wheelchair accessibility, arrangements can be made to use our wheelchair-accessible van.
The cost of this service is outlined below:
To Fredericton is 26$ each way. Within Oromocto is $6 each way. The hourly rate for staff is $20.
*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, these fees may be waived. This is determined on an individualized basis for the time being.

Are there any additional fees?

Basic cable television is available in each room. A cable fee of $25 is charges to any resident who chooses to use this service. This fee, and any charges for additional packages (such as HD), is added to the resident's monthly rate.
If a resident wishes to have a telephone in their room, the power of attorney must make arrangements with the telephone company. The resident/POA is responsible for all charges connected to the phone.

What about internet?

We provide internet access, at no extra cost to the residents.

What is provided by the operator? (furniture, bedding, towels, etc.)

The home provides a bed with a mattress, clothing storage area, night table, and chair for each resident. 
All sheets and towels are also provided by the home.
*Families are encouraged to bring in a bedspread that has meaning or is personal for the resident. 

Do you provide a menu? What are the food options throughout the day? 

We follow a 4 week menu rotation, which changes in the summer and winter. Resident's food preferences are always considered, as are their dietary requirements, such as diabetic or gluten-free.
Meal times are: 7:30am, 11:30am, and 4:30pm.
*There is also an afternoon snack and a night lunch offered. 

What items am I responsible for providing?

The resident shall be responsible for providing appropriate clothing, footwear, glasses, dentures, hearing aids, and any other items required for activities of daily living. 

What equipment am I responsible for providing?

Wheelchairs, walkers, raised toilet seats, commodes, canes, geriatric chairs, and any other aids required for the resident's safe care.
Our care team works very closely with extramural and has occupational therapists in the building as a resource. In most cases they are able to provide necessary equipment through a healthcare plan at no extra cost to the resident/family.

Does the operator provide personal care items?

Selected shampoos and soaps, toilet tissues, facial tissues, paper towels, and infection control supplies are all provided as part of the accommodation rate.
*Residents may choose to use different soaps and shampoo, at their own cost. 

Will I be permitted to leave the facility throughout the day?

Residents are free to leave the facility at their own discretion, as long as they are mentally and physically capable to do so.
*This is subject to change dependent on the current Covid-19 restrictions 

Are laundry services provided?

Oromocto Facility: .All laundry is sent out to Bellboy 3 times weekly to be laundered.
Gagetown Facility: All laundry is done on-site by our support staff.
*Family is responsible for labelling all clothing that is brought into the center. 

Is there a doctor on-site?

No. Nursing care is provided by a team that consists of Licensed Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers. All residents of both facilities keep their family doctor. Residents, or family, are expected to make their own appointments and obtain necessary refills for prescriptions.
*The pharmacy can make you aware when you are in need of a new prescription.

Am I responsible for obtaining my prescription medications?

All medications must be obtained from the pharmacy contracted by the home to provide this service. Medications are ordered by the physician and administered by an LPN or med trained PSW.

What if there is a medical emergency? 

In the event of a medical emergency or a need for immediate assessment by a physician, residents will be transported by ambulance to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital (DECH) located in Fredericton, or the Oromocto Public Hospital (OPH) located just down the road from our location in Oromocto. In the event of an emergency, the resident's family will be contacted.

Are there hairdressing services available?

A licensed hairdresser offers services to residents each week. This service is offered at an extra cost to the resident.

Are there specific visiting hours? 

There are no restrictions on visiting; we welcome family and friends of all ages and at all times. The only time visiting is restricted is if there is a viral outbreak within the community or in the home.
*Visiting is currently restricted due to Covid-19 regulations.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone or e-mail